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Indicco released their debut album "Karmalion".
Indicco is a band from Madrid, Spain, formed in 2008 by Indigo Balboa and Paco Cerezo and have been playing
melodic Rock/AOR. Their debut album is well worked, has been recorded both in English and Spanish and the band
is proud of having special guests on their debut album. Jimi Jamison (Survivor) on vocals, Mark Spiro
(Aerosmith, Bad English, Giant, John Waite) on backing vocals and production, Tim Pierce (Bruce Springsteen,
Rick Springfield, Rod Stewart) on additional guitars, Antonio Muñoz (ex-91 Suite) on bass, Mario Carrión
(The Val) on drums and Angel Valdegrama on keys.

You can hear 11 tracks on the new album of Indicco and all of them are really beautiful! The disc opens with
the track "Crying" and continues with songs like "Days Of Wine And Roses", "Wrong", "Feel So Good",
"The Voice Of The Wind", "Moonlight" and other and the CD closes with a really great song that is called
"Feel No Shame".

The tracks that are included to the debut album are catchy AOR tracks with melodic riffs, memorable lyrics,
powerful tunes, tight rhythm section and melodic and strong vocals that gives to the listener a cheerful mood.
Also, there are some ballad tracks like "All About You" and "Ride The Wave" that worth your interest, because
they can travel you through the sounds of the violin.
Tracks that you must absolutely listen from the album "Karmalion":

All About You
Feel So Good
The Voice Of The Wind
Ride The Wave
Feel No Shame

Steve Xanthis: 8.5/10 "Indicco put strong bases with an album like "Karmalion" and with small solid steps they can go really far.
For a debut album in the AOR/Melodic Rock genre, "Karmalion" is certainly more than great! Good job Indicco!"

For BeRock Radio MiniZine (2013)