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Ivan Ivve Höglund: Lead vocals
Axl Ludwig: Guitar
Kim Chevelle: Bass
Johnny Benson: Drums

Pretty Wild is a melodic hardrock band from stockholm and malmoe, sweden.

What defines Pretty Wild is their heavy melodic sound and well crafted songs.
All with a great vibe that just makes you feel good.
And combined with their energy and “IN YOUR FACE” attitude makes them undefeatable!

The four-piece blasts out a sound that just makes you wanna cruise with the top down to the beach
and fuck the proomqueen.
They’re here to set the standard once and for all….. Of what´s hot and what´s NOT!
It’s all about music… and letting the good times roll!

George "Snaki" Karatzas: "They're young, have scenic presence, talent, and they origin from a music scene with a long history in Melodic Hard Rock, Sweden! What else could you ask from a Hard Rock Band? I love to see talented new bands! Give them some time and you'll see they'll rock you! t's the least you could do! Kick ass stuff!"

BeRock Radio Minizine (2016)
Post Date: 18th December 2016