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Minna Ora
Gari Ora
Johnny Rocco
Kai Schneider
Lead vocals, Guitar


The Finnish pure rock band ‘The Rack Doll’ started in a small pub in Helsinki
when the singer Minna Ora and the guitarist Kari Ora played acoustically as
a duo called The Acoustic Lady.

The Acoustic Lady played some classic songs from `Remu and The Hurriganes`
which was one of the most famous bands in Finland and Sweden in 1973–1981.
By chance they were spotted by Remu's friend Biitti Nieminen who was sitting
in the audience.
When the Ora duo played Hurriganes with two guitars and Minna sang the songs
with her amazing voice,Biitti was sold and he had an idea of a band that would play
Hurriganes songs with a female singer.

Minna and Kari's The Hurriganes history begun in 1993, when Minna asked one
simple question from Hurriganes’ Remu Aaltonen (drums-vocal):
Do you wanna play a gig with us? Remu said yes and they made their two first
''Remu plays Hurriganes'' shows in Salo and Turku.
The Rack Doll bass player Esa Tokola, the guitarist Kari Ora and the vocalist
Minna Ora were also involved in the Hurriganes movie as Kari and Esa’s authentic
guitar and bass sounds were included in the movie and as Minna performs as a
singer in the Finnish ballroom scene.

Biitti Nieminen has worked years with Remu as a driver, roadie etc. and Biitti has
also collected many old Hurriganes instruments, all kinds from Remu’s drums to
bakcline, so you can also see authentic Hurriganes instruments on stage.

The Rack Doll will publish its debut album in spring 2015.

A taster for the album appeared on 3 May 2013 as the band published a digital single.
The single ‘Hot City’ was released then, and it became available in the largest online
shops selling digital music. The second single ‘Shannadoah’ was published in late 2013
together with the English Ravenheart Music record company.
The debut album will include not only rare Hurriganes tracks but also some
of the band’s own material.

George "Snaki" Lane: "The samples we've been given by the Finnish band, they have
a great Melodic Hard Rock sound, amazing choruses, incredible riffs and a charismatic female
vocalist with a beautiful voice. I'm under the impression that their debut album will create
a lot of buzz when it's released!"

BeRock Radio Minizine (2015)
Post Date: 20th June 2015

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