Iris Boanta: Lead vocals
Cathleen Catman: Lead Guitar
Jani Näckel: Rhythm Guitar
Conny Marschall: Bass
Anja Assmuth: Drums


Europe’s best AC/DC Tribute Band with an exclusive female Line-Up and the ultimate authentic AC/DC-Sound! Five professional and exceptional musicians who know how to rock their stuff live!
Iris’ unique voice, that granted her the award of the „Best German Female Metal Singer 2013“, can look back on many years of international live experience. The solid rhythm section based on Anja (drums), Conny (bass guitar) and Jani (rhythm guitar) presents likewise a wide range of live experience in the international rock- and metal business.
Their AC/DC sound is perfectly completed by the brillant lead guitarist Lady Catman to win the hearts
of the Angus Young fans with her authentic solo parts.
Once you’ve seem them live on stage, you’ll definitely know why they are Europe’s most outstanding
All-Girl-AC/DC tribute band – it’s the maximum groove and power crowned with the exceptional voice that
makes them unique!!!


George "Snaki" Lane: "These ladies have the whole package! They are young and know how to rock!
If you like rock music, you must support new bands, especially if they are so talented. Kick ass tribute Band!"

BeRock Radio Minizine (2015)
Post Date: 27th March 2015

Band's Website: www.shesgotballs.de
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