Saints Trade project was born in Bologna in 2009 with a great will to play music and a sheer passion
for glorious Hard Rock bands. After several vicissitudes, in 2010 Claus joined the band, contributing
new ideas and sounds thanks to his remarkable guitar playing style. From that moment on, the band
started composing its own material and performing live around Italy. After some line-up changes
throughout the years, the band got the great opportunity to play at Fleetwoodstock Festival
(Fleetwood, UK) in November 2011, as opening act for famous British hard-rockers Ten.
The enthusiastic response of the audience to the songs gave Saints Trade an encouragement to
enter the studio in April 2012 and record “A Matter Of Dreams”, their first mini-album produced by
the legendary Roberto Priori at his Pri Studio. Shortly after, the histrionic bass player Matteo Angelini
joined Saints Trade on a permanent basis. With him, the band continued performing live to support the
album and get positive feedback from the audience. In early 2013, Saints Trade presented the
official video for the song “Face In The Mirror” and opened for British rockers Jettblack in Bologna.
Once again, the positive audience response gave the guys a good reason to re-enter the studio.
Saints Trade and Roberto Priori got to team up in June 2014, giving birth to Saints Trade's second album
called “Robbed In Paradise”. The album features various special guests - Roberto Priory himself,
the talented keyboard player Pier Mazzini (Perfect View) and the virtuoso Tommy Denander
(Paul Stanley, Alice Cooper, Toto, Robin Beck, House Of Lords…). In November, a new chapter of
Saints Trade's project has started with the signing for the Italian label logic(il)logic.


George "Snaki" Lane: "These guys have the whole package! They are young and know how to rock.
Surely one of the most upcoming bands in the Melodic Hard rock scene!"

BeRock Radio Minizine (2015)
Post Date: 8th February 2015

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