Charly García: Guitar
Pedro Oliva: Lead Vocals
Pedro García: Bass
Gsus Sánchez: Guitar
Jose Guardiola: Drums



The band was born in early 2013 when Pedro García (Kobra) and Charly García (bass and guitar), components of the band Aor DAGA decide to form a side project to his band. Hands made the work come in contact with Pedro Oliva (voice) to start this adventure. The band joins drummer Francisco Iniesta in two months with us is replaced by Manu Lorca. After finding a second guitarist for the band, we contact with renowned guitar Jhonny Lorca Murcia (Papa Snake, ARB).
This is when the band begins to take shape and HARD LOVE is created with Charly García Lorca and Jhonny guitars, Pedro Oliva on vocals, Manu Lorca on drums and Pedro Garcia on bass. A mix between Hard Rock and Heavy Metal. After many concerts, including one with Dünedain in Madrid and after recording two songs for which will be the first EP of the band, in early August 2014, Manu and Jhony decided to leave the band for personal reasons being their last concert Guadalupe Rock ...
During the month of October 2014 and after probrar with several musicians, become part of the family Hard Love guitarist Gsus Sanchez (Inner Zest, Presence and Moonlight among others) and drummer Jose Guardiola Jumillano (Chaos Symmetry, Presence and Moonlight among others), dealing with great enthusiasm and work the new stage of Hard Love...
on 25 December 2014 the group digitally and publishes the free download EP "At the bottom of the barrel / Eternity" and December 27 the band and physical EP is presented in a concert with Sepulchre, serving heating for which it is their first concert of 2015 with Scythe, having already confirmed other concerts including with Saratoga in Murcia and participation in the on Fire Metal Fest 2015.


George "Snaki" Lane: "Very promising Melodic Hard Rock Band from Spain! Kick ass stuff!"
BeRock Radio Minizine (2015)
Post Date: 7th February 2015

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