FAITH HEALER is a modern hard rock band established in 2014 by Dutch legendary guitarist Peter Bourbo of Picture, Vengeance and many more. Joined by extremely talented crew of Dennis Geraads (drummer, producer, sound engineer and owner of the Skillz Drums Academy), Peter Rovers (bass), Marc Meesters (guitarist and singer) also decided to work with young polish hard rock & heavy metal vocalist - Zinny Zalesky (Piotr 'Zinny' Zaleski) well known by his expressive frontman image and great vocal range. First long play recorded in Swalmen, the Netherlands (Double Double U Studio) in 2014.

Turn Up Sound will have its premiere in september 2014 along with the full band video and it's a first official release for FAITH HEALER. The band gathers a lot of experience, great range of inspirations, music skills and true rock image. Hard rock fans can well expect the results of these sessions to be truly outstanding!

George "Snaki" Lane: "Kick Ass Hard Rock Band"
BeRock Radio Minizine (2015)
Post Date: 10th January 2015

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