Arctic Void is a dual (male/female) vocalist metal band from Gothenburg, Sweden.
The band is currently recording their first full length album.
Arctic Void’s music could best be described as a fusion of powerful, down-tuned guitars
and strong melodic vocals. Arctic Void was formed out of the ashes of Swedish metal band
Earthrise back in 2013, when Earthrise members Peter Svensson, Per Stålfors, Claes Kling and
Anna Samuelsson teamed up with drummer Anders Ström (ex-NME Within) and Olof Lindgren,
lead singer of Swedish hard rockers Distorted Wonderland. With two new members in the band,
they decided to drop the name Earthrise and call the band Arctic Void. The first year was spent writing
and pre-producing new material. Three songs from the upcoming album were recorded and released on
Reverb Nation. Sleeping Under Water, On the Padded Wall and Obsession were all mixed by Fredrik Nordström and Johan Henriksson at Studio Fredman, Gothenburg Sweden.


George "Snaki" Lane: "These guys have the whole package! They are young, and know how to rock!
Surely one of the most upcoming Melodic Metal Bands from Sweden! Kick ass Rockers!"

BeRock Radio Minizine (2015)
Post Date: 10th March 2015

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