Dave Gorman
George Baker
Shaun Michael Thackeray
Spencer Tomlinson
Lead vocals, Bass
Lead Guitar, vocals
Lead Guitar, vocals
Drums, vocals


One thing can be said about Aviator Shades: they know what makes great rock and roll.
It's in the infectious, sing-along choruses. The crunching, hook-filled riffs. The rock solid rhythms that never fail
to shake your hips or bang your head. An intense dynamo of a live show, wherein all members exude all energy to the enjoyment of the crowd, only to have it enthusiastically returned back. This is not the music of THIS generation; it is the music of EVERY generation. The rise of Aviator Shades is quite simple really. Born out of the musical passion and talent of singer/bassist Dave Gorman, his drive would lead him to relocate from his native Ireland, to the shores of Western Canada. While still being able to perform with talented, yet unfortunately temporary,line-ups Dave Found the boys he needs. George Baker, Shaun Michael Thackeray. Although they had never met, the undeniable, perhaps eerie, chemistry of Baker and Thackeray melded perfectly with the thundering rhythms of Gorman, the addition of the hard hitting Spencer Tomlinson on Drums completed the line up. Continuous rehearsals and gigs developed the four into an explosive, honed powerhouse.
With the grounding of a solid, determined line-up, a blossoming collaborative spirit, and continuously accelerating momentum, Aviator Shades is set to attack 2014 in a big way. Their ever-expanding audience, and timeless, empowering sound drive home the indisputable fact: they know what makes great Rock and Roll. More importantly, though, they LIVE to make it.

George "Snaki" Lane: *Band Score 8.5/10* "Being young, they show that they know how to rock. Amazing Hard Rock Band from Canada, with awesome Hard Rock Sound and crystal vocals! Excellent Stuff. Either way, I really dig them!"
BeRock Radio Minizine (2014)
Post Date: 10th February 2014

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