Wicked Sins was formed by the songwriting team of Dyer Knight and Parker Breckenridge in March of 1998.
The goal was to write Guitar-Driven Melodic Rock songs and find highly skilled musicians to perform the
music thus creating the Ultimate Hard Rock / Melodic Rock band. For the remainder of 1998 they committed
themselves to writing numerous hard rock/melodic rock songs and ventured into the recording studio in 1999.
On a very tight budget the band created a disc that launched them into the extremely competitive music scene.
The original disc had a very limited pressing and had become highly sought after by fans.
Dyer and Parker parted ways agreeing that Dyer should keep Wicked Sins alive! Dyer continued touring and
auditioning new members. In 2004 Dyer met Ken Kelly. It was apparent after meeting that they had similar tastes
in music and the same musical goals. Now as a strong musical team, Dyer and Kenny began recording a new
Wicked Sins album. They became frustrated with the quality of their labor and agreed that they needed a producer.
The band believed that Robert Benci would be the one they needed to make the disc they desired.
After a short tour in early 2007, Wicked Sins locked themselves in the studio to record the album they had
always dreamed of. Dyer Knight, Ken Kelly and Donnie Troy Skiff spent 2 years recording the new Wicked Sins
album. In 2008 Wicked Sins took some time to record the music video for "You And I" a song featured on the
new disc. The celebration of the new album was quickly silenced as drummer Donnie passed away suddenly,
shortly after the new CD was mastered. The band went on hiatus as they recovered from the loss.
Eventually they found their new musical soul mate Rod Foxx. The band now once again complete is preparing
to tour and release the highly anticipated new Wicked Sins album.

Andreas "RockBelt": *Band Score 8.5/10* "An Amazing Band! Great American Melodic/Hard Rock Sound!"
For BeRock Radio MiniZine (2012)

Release year 2000
Release year 2000
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