George Daniels: Lead vocals
Martin Ries: Guitar
Pascal Alles: Guitar
Alexander Ries: Drums
Lukas Mittler: Bass


UNBREAKABLE is a German Hard-Rock-/Heavy-Metal-Band from Hessen, Germany.
As one of very few German bands, UNBREAKABLE is one of the hope of Hard-Rock-/Heavy-Metal
bands of the world in the recent years.
In the last few years UNBEAKABLE have built up a fan base for example in many European countries,
such as Greece, France, Portugal, Poland or North and South America, Russia, Japan or Australia and
is be traded as a tip for HARD ROCK MADE IN GERMANY.
In December 2012 they produced their first album, with the producer HERMAN RAREBELL former
SCORPIONS drummer and hit writers (Rock you Like a Hurricane). It was recorded at the PRINCIPAL
STUDIOS Muenster, Germany and the KIDROOM STUDIO with MICHAEL VOSS. The album will be
released worldwide in 2013. On the album there are nine Rock songs and three power Rock ballads.
Characteristic of the sound are hard power chord guitar riffs by Martin Ries, combined with the melodic
guitar solos of Pascal Alles, a high powerful voice of George Daniels and tight Rock drum beats by Alex
Ries. Its Hard Rock Made in Germany, back to the 80s with the sound of 2013.

Andreas "RockBelt": *Band Score 8.5/10* "I really dig these guys. Pure Hard Rock music and plenty
of melody inside. Great Stuff!"

BeRock Radio MiniZine (2013)

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