Steve Hott was born and raised in Connecticut where his love of music and the arts started an early age.
At 5 years old Steve began playing drums then switched to guitar and vocals as he got older.
While still in High School, Steve played with many bands that toured up and down the east coast.
After graduating, he took a break from the grind of the road to study Acting and Stage Performance at
the Lee Strasberg Theater Institute in New York City for two years.
Going back to music full time, Steve played in several bands across the U.S. and called Los Angeles
home for awhile. Later, he took advantage of an opportunity and ended up writing songs for a publishing
company in Nashville, Tennessee for a few years, until he relocated to Las Vegas as his base so he could
go back to performing nationwide. Touring finally brought Steve to Hawaii where he found paradise and
decided to stay put. He's lived here for the last 12 years with his wife Hudson, morning show personality
on KUCD Star 101.9 and their amazing little boy Julian (who at age 3 also picked up the drumsticks!).
Presently, most of Steve's day is spent operating his Bad Ass Coffee lounge in downtown Honolulu. Writing,
recording and continuing to perform and enjoying life as a Dad takes up the rest. Steve uses his personal
experiences and life ambitions to try and create the perfect combination of meaningful lyrics with topics
people can relate to, and he has found the perfect vehicle to do this with his new band "HOTT".
Steve is currently recording his new Album " Here For You " in Los Angeles California, set for release in
early summer 2010. Grammy award winning producer / Engineer Chris Lord-Alge has signed Steve to a development record deal and is currently mixing Steve's 2nd single, to be released on Star 101.9 KUCD in the very near future.
Producer Chris has been in the music business for over 30 years and has worked with a stellar array of
multi platinum recording Artists: Green Day | U2 | Dave Matthews Band | Daughtry | Pink | Leona Lewis |
Avril Lavigne | My Chemical Romance |All American Rejects | Nickelback | Rob Thomas | Miley Cyrus |
Jonas Bros. | Tim McGraw | Faith Hill | Tina Turner | Rod Stewart |Celine Dion | Santana |
Steve Winwood & James Brown, and too many more to list, all through his Lord-Alge Productions along with
his Nettwerk management. He's happy to list Steve as one of his newest clients so we know he is in
good hands.
All songs on Steve's upcoming album are either written by Steve or co-written with Juno award winning
producer Brian Howes.
Brian is credited for writing many hits for several multi-platinum artists like Daughtry, Seether
and Hinder just to name a few. The great chemistry Steve and Brian have in the studio paved the way
for songs like " Here For You ", now in heavy rotation on Hawaii's own Star 101.9.
Steve's first single "Here for You" can also be heard on Hawaiian Airlines in-flight entertainment Channel 8 where Steve hosts his music show right next to wife Hudson's show on Channel 7.
Here, they present fun and exciting music along with personal anecdotes about living on our
Beautiful Island Paradise all these years. Steve is grateful for everything Hawaii has brought him; love, family, happiness and opportunity. He makes it his goal to return the Aloha every day.


Snaki: *Band Score 8.5/10* "USA is a large country where standing out as a musician is hard. Steve seems to do so, and that’s why you should listen to his music and judge by your own. As for my opinion, I really like him!"
BeRock Radio Minizine (2013)
Post Date 18th September 2013

Here For You
Release Year: 2011
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