SteelRush is a 3 piece band, which was originally formed in Bhopal (India).
The band has performed in various events, and have a few originals and are working on more.
SteelRush got together in October 2010 with a motive to bring back the melodic 80s rock which has had a great
influence on us. We intend to bring back the era of lightning guitar solos and catchy hooks and to capture the
magical essence of it. The band is currently trying to make a name in the local scene with bigger visions in mind.

Andreas "RockBelt": *Band Score 8.5/10* "These young Rockers seem to be very talented from the first samples we’ve seen on YouTube. Especially when the talent comes from a country like India where Melodic Rock isn’t so wide-spread. You should support them if you say you’re a Melodic Rock fan! Keep rocking guys!"
For BeRock Radio MiniZine (2013)

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