Pank: Drums
Eule: Lead Guitar
Dschurgen: Rhytm Guitar
Porty: Lead vocals
Patrik: Bass


SIN CITY formed 1993 as pure AC/DC Tribute Band. They play over 700 gigs in the many counries
like Switzerland, Austria, France, Spain, Luxembourg, Finland.
The five rockets have shown the world that they are a great Rock n' Roll Band.
By 1996, their first album, "And there was rock", was released, which received very good reviews.
It was followed by "Hellectric" in 2003, which was released by MySkull.de Label for the first time.
By 2013, Sin City is 20 years old as a band, and they released their third album called "Th13teen".
We believe it's a good band that deserves your attention so that you can listen to their music and
judge for your own.

Andreas "RockBelt": *Band Score 8.5/10* "I really dig these guys for sure! Pure Rock n' Roll music! Great Stuff!"
BeRock Radio MiniZine (2013)

Release year: 1996
Release year: 2003
Release year: 2013
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