“Rockhead” was founded in 2006 by Chris Rockhead.
From day one, their original intent was to create a rock group free of commercial pretensions or genre trend;
and following the motto “let’s just have a good time” on the road, on stage and in the studio. With a combination of finely honed musicanship and an electrifying live show, Rockhead has been rapidly gaining fans across europe.

Sounds like a piece of cake, right? WRONG! Being creative and working hard to produce their first album they encountered obstacles that made the path an experience to remember before being able to finalise their last recordings to complete Rockhead's album.

After years on the road chris rockhead entered the studio with a bunch of featuring guest artists to record his debut album including various styles of music to deliver mountainous hooks, titanic grooves and kickass rock n roll. As a teaser to the upcoming album Rockhead releases the single “ I’m on my way” to give the fans a taste of the rock n roll that will hit them with the upcoming album. Chris Rockhead commented: “I`m on my way” is one of those songs which takes you on a journey, it has elements of the experimental rock music of the 70's, as well as more modern rock oriented sounds. My team and I are convinced that we have composed a diamond in the rough and hope that it reaches a wide variety of supporters that can relate to our music.


Chris Rockhead: Lead vocals
Mikky Slade: Guitar
Ricky Dee: Guitar
Florian Koch: Drums
Peter Power: Hammond, Keys
Niklas Thiede: Sax
Ronnie Verdant: Bass
Mathias Weber: Trumpet


Snaki: *Band Score 8.0/10* "There aren’t many quality bands in the Austrian Rock scene, but ROCKHEAD shows us
otherwise, and I think you should check them out to form your own opinion!"

BeRock Radio Minizine (2013)
Post Date 7th September 2013

Release Year: 2013
Band's Website: www.rockhead.at
Chris Rockhead's Facebook: www.facebook.com/rockhead.vienna
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