uFe: Guitars
SandraS.: Lead vocals
SvenG.: Bass
Teffe: Drums


Red*Gin was founded in summer 2011.
Before, guitarist uFe, bassist Sven and drummer Teffe have already played music together in a Hard-Rock-Band called Bangkokk. But they wanted to achieve more! So they started something new!
Together with skilled singer Sandra RED*GIN was born and is ready now to paint the town!
This engine has been polished to high gloss and tuned to high performance.

The first completely finished songs were mixed and mastered by WALDEMAR SORYCHTA who’s been producing bands like Grip Inc, Sodom, Despair etc. All songs are still unpublished and were only sent to labels and radio stations for promotional purposes.

Red*Gin are looking for the G-spot of Rock'n'Roll!
Their musical direction is very clear:
- Everything that has been fun since 1980!
- From classic rock to glam metal.
- From "A"C/DC, Aerosmith, Kiss to "Z"Z-Top.

Red*Gin is eager to get on the bigger stages.
Because their music is their passion: 1000‰ self-made-music, energetic stage acting, groove, melody and
straight riffs combined to a highly concentrated cocktail and good vibes added!
Beside the individual stage-experiences Red*Gin played support-shows for Paul Di'Anno, KOPEK, Pussy Sisster,
Tri State Corner and performed at bigger local venues with a massive positive response.
That’s why they want more of that!

You're thirsty for Hard-Rock-Power?
So, have an ice-cold RED*GIN !!


Snaki: *Band Score 8.0/10* "They have the “guts” to have a female vocalist, and SandraS.’ singing abilities prove
that they’re making the right choice. They’re all excellent musicians, you should be sure that in a while, a lot of people will know about them!
BeRock Radio Minizine (2013)
Post Date 2nd July 2013

Band's Facebook: www.facebook.com/redbooze
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