Steelgirl Ladyana: Lead vocals
Rex Strike: Lead Guitar
1,2 Kill: Guitar
Thunderbolt: Bass
Iron Speed: Drums



This band was known as JACK HAMMER in its early existence. It is first formed in 2005 by Rex Killer and 1, 2 Kill, which are the guitarists of a thrash metal band, known as ANTACID. They had John (vocal), Beno REAPER (bass), Rex Killer (drums) and 1, 2 Kill (guitar) as their line-ups, at that particular time. However, due to commitments and other certain problems, the band discontinued. Though the band was in silence as they were short of members, the strength in both Rex Killer and 1, 2 Kill led them in finding solutions to keep the band going on. They soon consulted and decided to have the other two mates from Antacid, Thunderbolt and Iron Speed as the replacements.
After a jiffy, they met Anort, which have the credibility as a good vocalist and they had him. Apparently, they
changed the name of JACK HAMMER into NUCLEAR STRIKES. However, it all ended shortly after a few months. Anort, then was replaced by a stunning vocalist named Ekey Mizume. Conversely, the same problem appeared. Not very soon since she left, and after every ‘thick and thin’s they went through, NUCLEAR STRIKES were introduced to the recent vocalist, known as Steelgirl Ladyana. Praise to God, yet until today, the band remains together. The band plays heavy 80’s metal songs and tunes. In certain songs, the band inserted some rock, hard rock and any other melodies and tunes to produce better. They are influenced by rare heavy metal bands both from Malaysia and other countries,
for instance,RIOT, ACCEPT, DIO, JUDAS PRIEST, LEE AARON, 220 VOLT, EUROPE, DEMON, FIFTH ANGEL and many more. Throughout the years, they had performed at some places in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor, such as Paul’s Place, MCPA Hall, KL Tower, One Cafe, Orange Club and more. They also had performed in Malacca, Penang and the most recent show took place in Johor Bahru as the opening band for the Reunion Concert of the legend 80’s band, Bloodshed. They are planning to widen their knowledge and experience by performing and travelling the world. Their goals are not only to produce better songs in every coming year, but also to safeguard the rights of the local musicians in Malaysian music arena with a hope of bringing back the legacy of Heavy Metal to the whole world.


Jimmy Grey: *Band Score 8.0/10* "There are not so many Bands in Malaysia to Rock us. Nuclear strikes does so in a great way, and for that they at least deserve your attention. After all, they already got some attention in Europe and
have already signed a contract with DEFOX Records."

BeRock Radio Minizine (2013)
Post Date 27th September 2013

Release Year: 2011
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