Mattis Karlsson: Vocals,Guitar
Sebastian Hed-Plikas: Guitar
Jonas Hagstrom: Drums
Adam Butler: Bass



Dynamite is what it sounds like – Powerful, Explosive Rock n’ Roll.
Formed in Växjö, Sweden 2012 and a lot have happened since…
DYNAMITE have been aired on Swedish national radio and made headlines in the biggest newspapers
in Sweden (Aftonbladet, DN, SvD…) with their music video for the song “Lock n’ Load” and the story
behind the video when they got chased by the police force for staging a bank robbery.
The debut album “Lock n’ Load” was released in Sweden May 15th and entered the Swedish hard rock
charts at 7th place and received great reviews in Sweden Rock Magazine and Germany’s RockHard,
Metal Hammer and Legacy Magazine.

Some Press & Media about DYNAMITE:
"The hit density of this album is truly remarkable!"
-Frank Albrecht, RockHard Magazine (8.5/10)

"The quality of this debut is surprisingly high and even, just like the charm in their performance."
-Dennis Karlsson, Sweden Rock Magazine (8/10)


Snaki: *Band Score 9.0/10* "Their name isn’t a coincidence! They come from a music school that has shown us some great Hard Rock names, Sweden! Real dynamites of Hard Rock! Excellent debut and I’m sure it will only get better from
here and on! You should definitely listen to them
BeRock Radio Minizine (2013)
Post Date 6th July 2013

Lock N Load
Release Year: 2013
Band's Website: www.dynamitesweden.com
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