Xander Demos is a high-energy rock and metal guitar player from Pittsburgh, PA. He currently fronts his own solo band, as well as playing lead guitar for Pittsburgh's favorite party rock outfit, Into The Arena. Xander performs in excess of 100 times a year, and he is active in recording collaborations with artists all over the world. Xander plays guitars from Suhr, McNaught and Conklin, with whom he has endorsement deals. His endorsement from these guitar companies is a testament to his impressive skills and his deep commitment to playing the best guitars in the world. Growing up in the decade of decadence, Xander has been a big fan of everything from pop-metal, Top-40, thrash metal, progressive rock and even dance-related music. As long as there was a hook or a melody, he picked up on it. Xander's main influences are Shawn Lane, Eric Johnson, Steve Vai, Vinnie Moore, Jason Becker, Neal Schon, Michael Romeo and John Sykes.Xander's style ranges from the beautifully melodic to the jaw-droppingly insane. His playing encompasses much of what he has learned and absorbed from other players over the years. One constant in his music is a focus on strong guitar melodies. Xander is currently working on the full-length follow-up to his EP "Road To Guitarcadia,” which is being mixed by CJ Snare of Firehouse; an instructional DVD; performing with his two live bands every week; and passing on his passion for guitar by giving in person and online instructions to eager students.
Recently, Xander has been making quite the name for himself and his solo band by appearing as support for acts like UFO, Lizzy Borden, Kip Winger, Neil Zaza and Dio Disciples. He recently had the #1 Metal and Progressive music video on Myspace, with the photo montage clip of his song, “Chase the Sun.” It is the follow-up video to another #1--his current single, “Right Angles.” That single is receiving critical praise and worldwide acceptance by fans and radio, alike. Xander has recently been featured on The Real Radio Show with AJ Pero of Twisted Sister, Steve Vai’s GuitarTV.com, GuitarWorld.com, Hair Metal Mansion, Iron City Rocks, and many other top rock and metal
shows and websites. Recently nominated for Best Guitarist, 2011 Iron City Rocks Music Awards, Xander’s music will also appear on two upcoming major compilation releases, Liberty N Justice’s “Cigar Chronicles” and Raging Storm Records’ “Night Of the Living Shred,” as well as the new Ged Ryland solo CD, due in early 2012. Xander also recently joined James Rivera’s Sabbath Judas Sabbath tribute band, which will tour on the east coast of the US this year.
In addition to these accomplishments, Xander is an avid animal lover. Always looking for projects that will aid these beautiful creatures, Xander donated a portion of his EP sales to various animal charities.
Xander plays: V-Picks, the Fractal Audio Axe-FX Ultra as well as Hughes and Kettner amps, ISP Guitar Systems and Suhr Guitars, Amps & Effects, McNaught Guitars, Conklin Guitars and John Dixon Cases. Many of Xander's guitars are outfitted with EMG pickups and accessories. He exclusively uses the FloydUpgrades tremolos or the GraphTech LB-63 piezo-equipped Floyd tremolo.


RockBoy *Band Score 8.0/10* "I believe that you must listen to this guy, so...you can see for yourself!"
For BeRock Radio MiniZine (2012

Release Year:2012
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