LA Velvet is a Los Angeles-based band founded in 2007 by front woman pioneer and lioness Laura V, who provides the vocals and fierce guitar-playing skills to the tracks, in addition to song writing. LA Velvet “plays their own version of modern danceable rock that conquers the charts,” described by Obliveon Magazine as a combination of a “’70s Blondie, an 80’s Kim Wilde and a 90’s Gwen Stefani and No Doubt.” Prior to their official album release, LA Velvet already licensed songs to 18 television shows, including Keeping Up With The Kardashians,
The Real L Word, MTV, VH1 and OXYGEN. Severe Records and GUnit produced LA Velvet’s second album The One I Love, which they are currently on tour promoting. The band has already been nominated for multiple awards at the 2011 World Independent Music and Film Festival including awards for Best Cinematography, Best Director and Best Rock Video. LA Velvet has major endorsement deals with Mineral Case Make up, Coffin Case and Jackson Guitars, who provided the hot pink Flying-V, which has become a part of Laura V’ s signature style.
LA Velvet’s self-produced debut album has sold thousands of copies worldwide, taking LA Velvet on a successful national tour in 2012, reaching out to fans as far away as Germany. Their latest album, The One I Love, was met with favorable reviews by the critics and hailed by Venture Magazine as “a chart worthy collection of sassy vocals, punchy guitar and high energy,” while Peter Amara of Escence Center Stage describes it as “a thunderous mix of indie rock and electronic influences” that effectively “enthralls and raptures the listening audience with its infectious melodies.” LA Velvet continues to surprise its audience with a daring and innovative approach to rock music with dance
beats, providing a unique, customized sound mixed with sweet powerful lyrics, resulting in a sound that is fearless and original. A sound that is… LA Velvet

01. You Make My Heart Stop Beating
02. Broken
03. Down and Dirty
04. Don’t Push It
05. Here In Hollywood
06. The One I Love
07. Set Me Free
08. Last Night
09. Erotic
10. Boy Toy

Luciana: *Band Score 8.0/10* "This Band shows that the Soft Rock could be Melodic and sexy!
Already in America love their Songs, and not only ...
For BeRock Radio MiniZine (2012

Release Year:2012
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