In an age of when oversized two-chord aggression and auto-tuned talent-free anthems pass for popular music,
the Canadian rock veteran collective known as Fraze Gang are taking the hard road to reach the brass ring.
Rather than kiss up to the latest trends in order to make an impression and a buck, the quartet has chosen
good old-fashioned hard work and a genuine passion for maki...ng music to carry their new album, quite simply
dubbed Fraze Gang 2. Fraze Gang's roots go back 28 years, when vocalist/guitarist Greg Fraser and bassist
Stevie Skreebs launched Brighton Rock, who were a popular draw on the hair band scene in Canada through the
late '80s and into the '90s. The band split up in 1991 following their last official album, Love Machine,
with the rise of the grunge scene essentially forcing Brighton Rock to call it quits. Fraser and Skreebs were
anything but idle, however, saving their energy until the time felt right to unleash some new music on the world.
Recruiting drummer Phil Epp, the trio laid down 13 tracks for what would become Fraze Gang's independently
released self-titled debut in 2006 (issued via Bongo Beat Music in 2008). And while it didn't break the bank,
the 13 song arena rock record established Fraze Gang as a full-on no-nonsense band with old school '80s values.
The release of the three song digital EP entitled Don't Call Us in 2009 was the first in a series of building
blocks that led to the creation of Fraze Gang 2. The record is a full length follow-up that's considerably
heavier than what some people are expecting. From the Judas Priest-flavoured opener 'Saint Or Sinner' to the
brazen Brighton Rock-ishness of 'White Lightning' to the AC/DC vibe of 'Tough Enough', the new album is a
both a nostalgic trip down memory lane and a bold reminder of what real rock is all about. "When you hear the
songs back-to-back there’s a flow and a mood to the whole thing, which is not something you get from a random
song downloaded from the internet," says Greg. "We still have that vinyl approach to our music, where we have
10 songs coming out and the first five are Side 1, the other five are Side 2." Fraze Gang's new focus and
grittier attitude is due in part to the addition of guitarist Derek McGowan as a full time band member.
Initially conscripted to fill out the band's sound for live gigs, McGowan was brought on board full time to
bring the same energy and clout to the band's studio work. The results are readily apparent on Fraze Gang 2
from the first track in. "Having that second guitar in the studio gives the songs more of that live feel
compared to if it was me doing all the guitar parts on my own," Greg agrees. "Derek brings a lot of energy
into the band, he’s young and he’s eager. Skreebs & I, we’ve been there and done it already so we’re a little
bit jaded in some ways (laughs). Derek really brings a spark to Fraze Gang. Sometimes we’ll be writing a song
and we’re kind of humming and hawing about it, and Derek’s in there saying ‘No man! That sounds great!’
We end up seeing things through his eyes, which is healthy for us. It’s a plus for us all the way around
having him in the band." An additional bullet in Fraze Gang's belt is having renowned producer Beau Hill behind
the mixing desk for the new album. Known for his extensive work with '80s artists such as Ratt, Alice Cooper,
Europe and Winger, Hill is a perfect match for what Fraze Gang were trying to accomplish.
"When we first got Brighton Rock together and working with producers and engineers, we’d always be excited
going in," says Greg, "but the recordings just didn’t have that big Scorpions / Judas Priest sound we wanted.
Beau Hill, is on the same page in what we wanted from a mix. He knows how to get a great live sound where you
can still hear everything. Nothing gets buried in the mix, and that’s not easy to do. When he sent us the mixes
for the new album we were blown away. They were awesome." Now a solid four-piece, Fraze Gang is officially back
in action and in for the long haul. The band is the #1 priority, and the focus is on the future rather than
the glories of the past.

Sofi "Heaven" *Band Score 9.0/10* "Canada has given to the world more than once bands who know how to rock.
And as it seems there are more to come. Fraze Gang is one of them and has
proven it with the best way. Great Melodic Rock from Canada."

For BeRock Radio MiniZine (2012)

Release Year:2008
Release Year:2012
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