EDEN LOST is a Spanish Hard Rock band born in 1999. Its early years meant a huge composing
and rehearsing effort to get a place and a name within the rock scene of the Spanish
Capital city, acquiring a huge experience on the stage and winning the “1st. cover versions’
contest” organized by the reputed concert hall “Ritmo & Compás”, in Madrid.
In 2005, three years after the recording of an acclaimed self-produced four songs demo (“2002”),
comes out their debut album: “Road of Desire”, edited by the prestigious German record label
“AOR Heaven” and it collects some excellent reviews both inside and outside the Spanish borders.
Ten “pure straight Hard Rock tunes”.
From this album, the song “Burn” was included on the CD “Hear It! no. 20” attached to no. 29 of
the German magazine “Rock It!” and the song “No Way Out” was included on the CD attached to
no. 53 of the Spanish magazine “Rock Hard”. Similarly, the song “Road Of Desire” was included
in the compilation “Rebellious Spirits (1990- 2005). The ‘Heavy Metal’ in Spain”, along with other
songs from some of the best rock bands of the Spanish panorama.
After “Road Of Desire” came out, the band kept on consolidating its live performances, presenting
their debut album far and wide in their homeland. Throughout the years, the band has
shared the stage with bands such as “TNT” (being the official supporting band of their tour in
the Spanish territory), “Tyketto”, Bob Catley (“Magnum” or “Hard Rain”), Mitch Malloy, Michael
Bormann, “91 Suite”, “Airless”, Jorge Salán, “Nexx”, Rafa Martín,...
In September 2011 goes on sale “AOR for Japan” (Lume producciones), a charitable compilation
to aid Japan after the terrible Tsunami suffered by that country. Eden Lost collaborated including
the song “Ready to Rock”, originally recorded for their forthcoming second album.
And recently, seven years after their first release, the band returns by the hand of their second
album: “Breaking the Silence” (Vaso Music) which went on sale on 29th. February 2012, coinciding
with the tenth anniversary of that first demo: “2002”. The album, which includes twelve
new brand songs with a sharper sound than the previous one according to the current paths
for Hard/Melodic Rock music, was produced by Jesús Laso and Javier Nieto and mixed and
mastered by sound engineer José del Pozo. For this album they recruited the great musical
collaborations of Jorge Salán (own solo career, Mago de Öz and Jeff Scott Soto) for the guitar
solo of “Starting again” and Jaime de la Aldea (PATRICIA TAPIA KHY) for the guitar solos of “Sun
keeps shining”.

Andreas "RockBelt": *Band Score 8.0/10* "Great Melodic Hard Rock Band from Spain! The future belongs to them"
For BeRock Radio MiniZine (2012)

Release Year:2005
Release Year:2012
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