Wild`n`Wicked is one of the best selling up-and-comming Norwegian hardrock bands in 2010.
The band's first album, Indication, was only released in Scandinavia in 2008 and the
second album, Speed Devil, was released world wide at Escape Music in May 2010.

The Norwegian band Wild Side started out in late 2005. Formed by drummer Ronni Arntzen and
ex-Pagan's Mind guitarist Thorstein Aaby. To complete the line-up, vocalist Paul Martin and
bass player Johnny Myren was hired. Myren did not stay in the band for long, and in came a much
more competent bassist, Stian Stensrud. In the beginning the band was mainly playing cover tunes,
but a couple of original tracks also surfaced. Early 2007 a two track demo featuring Nite Show
and Calling Past was recorded. Shortly thereafter Aaby's health got worse, so the band decided to
get a stand-in guitarist. Tom Grana, and old friend of Stensrud joined the ranks. This worked out
really well, so the plan was to go for a twin guitars attack when Aaby got back. Unfortunately that
never happened, cause on July 24th 2007 Thorstein Aaby died of cancer. In November of 2007 the band
entered Ronni Le Tekrö's(TNT's legendary guitarist) Studio Studio to record their debut album,
Indication. But some problems followed, and the album wasn't released until October of 2008,
then only in Scandinavia. Enter 2009 and things looked promising for the band; WildSide recruited
a second guitarist, the highly skilled youngster Jon Aarseth, adding an extra dimension to both
studio and live performances of the band. But shortly after singer Paul Martin decided to quit due
to personal reasons. But WildSide turned the change into something good, and in came the enthusiastic
Joachim Berntsen. After some very well received gigs the band went into the studio again to record
their second album Speed Devil. This time in Klyve Lydstudio in Skien, Norway. The production was
done by the band themselves, while the mixing was done by King Diamond guitarist Andy LaRoque at
his Sonic Train Studios in Sweden.....Speed Devil marked a huge step in the right direction.
So watch out, folks! The band is now knowed as Wild`n`Wicked.

Albums Information:

01. Where are you now
02. Insecure
03. Vagabond
04. Calling past
05. Annoying delight
06. Nightshow
07. Midnight striker
08. Dream connection
09. Indication

Produced by Ronni Le Tekrö & Wild Side
Mixed by Tommy Hansen

Band Members:
Tom Grana - guitars
Paul Martin - Vocal
Stian Stensrud - bass
Ronny Arntzen - drums

This album is dedicated to the
memory of Thorstein Eugene Aaby
Rest in peace

"SPEED DEVIL (2010)"
01. Paranoia Circus
02. Live Forever
03. Mine Tonight
04. Play With Me
05. Need To Deliver
06. Wild One
07. Eagle
08. Won't Let Go
09. Devil In Disguise
10. Always Be Me
11. My Love For You
12. Speed Devil

Produced by Ronny Arntzen & Tom Grana
Mixed by Andy LaRoque

Band Members:
Joachim Berntsen - vocals
Tom Grana - guitars
Jon Aarseth - guitars
Stian Stensrud - bass
Ronny Arntzen - drums

Snaki *Band Score 8.5/10*
For BeRock Radio MiniZine (2012)

Release Year: 2008
Release Year: 2010
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