The Walking With Kings Debut Album released on January 1, 2012!.
It is available as a FREE download.

Band Members Information:

Rich Ward

Rich Ward started his music career as the guitar player and creative force behind the Legendary
Rap/Metal band STUCK MOJO. Rich is also lead guitarist, songwriter and producer for the rock band
FOZZY. Recently, Rich added to his resume’ guitarist for Adrenaline Mob featuring
DREAM THEATER/AVENGED SEVENFOLD ex-drummer Mike Portnoy, SYMPHONY X frontman Russell Allen and
NENA bassist Paul DiLeo. Rich met Terry in 2009 through a mutual friend to discuss recording
techniques. As the friendship grew, Rich was offered the opportunity to work with Terry at Noonday
Baptist Church (Marietta, GA) in sound production. He became instrumental in taking the Worship
Ministry to a brand new level... without ever picking up his guitar. It was obvious that Rich was
not there to perform, but instead was using his talents to serve others.
Eventually, the two decided to pursue the "Walking With Kings" project. In the same vein as musical
groups "Stryper", "Skillet", and "Red", “WWK” focuses on contemporary rock styles, soaring vocal
melodies and bringing a positive message to a troubled world.
Production of the debut album began in January 2011 and will be released January 1, 2012. Rich's
songwriting, production and recording skills have brought this project to a level never imagined.

Frank Fontsere

Frank Fontsere began drumming at the age of 10 after receiving his first kit as a Christmas present.
After 6 months of formal lessons, he decided to teach himself by playing along to his favorite albums.
In 1996 Frank began drumming for “Stuck Mojo”, joining the band while they were still supporting
their debut album for Century Media Records. Frank remained a member of "Stuck Mojo" until 2000.
"Stuck Mojo" toured constantly during this period as headliners in the U.S. and Europe. In 2000,
when "Stuck Mojo" went on hiatus, Frank joined "Fozzy", which featured fellow “Stuck Mojo” guitarist
Rich Ward and WWE Wrestling Superstar Chris Jericho. With high expectations for the
"Walking With Kings" project, Rich and Terry asked Frank to perform on the “WWK” debut album and
after witnessing his musical contribution at Tree Sound Studio’s in Atlanta, Frank was made a member
of the band. "Frank is an awesome drummer and friend” says Terry, "It is an honor to work with such
a skilled musician. The power he brings to the project is unimaginable."

Simon Farmery

Simon Farmery, English gentleman, Bassist extraordinaire.
Simon grew up in a musical family where his father was a drummer and his uncle a guitarist.
Simon eventually picked up the bass and started his own career In 1990 when he began working with
his cousin, Lee Farmery (Furyon). He later joined his first major band, Pride, with whom he recorded
two albums, “Far From The Edge” and “Signs of Purity”. During this time, Simon met Chris Green and
Matt Mitchell who later formed Furyon. He recorded an EP with them before moving to Chicago in 2008.
With Pride and Furyon, Simon considers himself blessed to tour all over Europe with some of the
biggest bands in rock. Since moving to Chicago, he has continued his career by performing with
Fozzy and our own Rich Ward and Frank Fontsere on the latest “Uproar Festival”, alongside other
great bands such as Avenged Sevenfold, Three Days Grace, Seether and Bullet For My Valentine…
just to name a few. In addition, Simon has been instrumental in collaborating on original music
with other artists.

Terry Chism

Terry Chism began playing keyboards and singing at an early age and grew up idolizing the vocal
abilities of musical greats Steve Perry (Journey), Bryan Adams, Michael Sweet (Stryper) and Brad
Delp (Boston). In the 1990's, Terry left college and traveled with a successful cover rock band
until finally breaking down, losing his voice and eventually... the will to live.
Seeking a plan of redemption in his life, Terry returned home and returned to the church where he
dedicated his life to Christ and, with the full support of his wife and family, funded his own way
through college by working for various corporations and eventually started his own successful
software development company. Feeling the need to serve others, Terry accepted the position of
Worship Leader at Noonday Baptist Church (Marietta, GA), during which time he met Rich Ward, l
ead guitarist, songwriter and producer of the rock bands "Fozzy" and "Stuck Mojo". Feeling an
immediate connection and a renewed passion to make original music, and after an absence of almost
10 years, the two’s collaboration realized Terry’s dream of once more fronting a modern day rock
band with a Christian message. "Walking With Kings" was born. One month into recording, Terry's
wife Sari was diagnosed with breast cancer. At her insistence, Terry continued the recording
process and at his insistence, the recording pace was slowed so that he could be with her through
the many surgeries and doctor visits. Today, Sari is cancer-free and “Walking With Kings”
debut album is complete. Terry believes the obstacles that stood in the way helped shape the
meaning and direction of this album to serve a deeper purpose. This is not just music to him ...
it truly is his "Leap of Faith".

RockBoy *Band Score 9.0/10*
For BeRock Radio MiniZine (2012)

Release Year: 2012
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