Despite their mixed backgrounds, the members of the Norwegian band Rebolt came together for one single reason:
The love for old fashioned heavy metal and hard rock!
Their songs are a humble batch of rock’n’roll which has got both soul and playfulness written all over it.
In short, it is an honest attempt to make the audience dig up their air guitars and put their pedals to the
metal (although rather not at the same time!). It was the guitar riffs and solos, the big choruses and the
unpretentious joy of bands such as AC/DC, Rose Tattoo, Iron Maiden or a modern band like Danko Jones.
which lead to the foundation of Rebolt during the winter of 2004.
Rebolt was founded on the basic idea that it was possible to be serious about music without trying to «save»
rock by attempting to be knights in shining armour. The musical background of the four members would usually
imply that they were poles apart, but their diverse individual credentials from jazz, rock and funk among
other genres, have in fact proved to be their greatest strength. Other encouraging acts include Rose Tattoo,
The Cult, AC/DC, Black Label Society, Iron Maiden, Metalllica and Danzig. Rebolts energetic and charismatic
singer Frode is in the centre of the stage, claiming the attention of the audience right from the first note
to the final riff. This is a rock singer who can smile and look people in the eye all at once, and still sing
as if his lungs were bleeding. This get-up-and-go attitude both on record and on stage has lead to support
jobs for internationally recognized Norwegian bands such as Ralph Myerz & The Jack Herren Band, El Caco and
Span, as well as swedish metallers Mustasch.
During the years gone since Rebolt’s formation, the quartet has managed to earn a small but devoted
international fan base as well as a name for themselves on the local live circuit in Norway. The reasons for
their achievements are as simple as the ideas that were evident when they first met: To play extremely tight
rock’n’roll and engage their audience while bringing their joy of music to a full view. From August 2007 to
October 2008 the band were on hiatus, awaiting the recovery of drummer Kristian who had suffered serious
problems with his hearing. In October 2008 the band recruited a new drummer, Magnus and are now on a new roll.
Rebolt were featured on the cover-cd of Classic Rock Magazine in October 2008 with their song
“Bad Boy (For You)”, alongside some of their own heroes: Rose Tattoo (which “Bad Boy..” is a tribute to),
Airbourne, Saxon and bands like The Donnas and Krokus. In February 2009 the band played at club:Larm in Oslo
and impressed both new and old fans with their obvious love of playing music in front of an audience.
Bring your air guitar out of the closet and enjoy, dude!

1. Bad Boy (For You)
2. My Generator
3. High Road Down
4. Instant Star
5. SAM (Stargirl And Me)
6. Lemmy’s Heart

Luciana *Band Score 8.5/10*
For BeRock Radio MiniZine (2011)

Release Year: 2008
Website: www.rebolt.no
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