Bluerose was born in 2006, under an idea of Riccardo Scaramelli (Vocals,Guitar,Piano).
The Band begins as a cover band in live concerts, various musicians come in,
except for Riccardo, the leader of Bluerose, who pursued his musical plan:
The creation of an unedited CD professionally recorded. Riccardo composed around 200 songs
never published. In 2009 the paths of Riccardo and Cristiano Primosi (Drums & co-writer)
cross and they decide to carry out a real professional record, composed by ten unedited songs.
"Fallen From Heaven", their very first rock-style Album, has been recorded by them, with the
help of Guido Lucchese (Bass) and Giuliano Soranno (Guitar).
The result of this work is a concept Album which tells the story, through 10 Tracks,
of an Angel named Bluerose who is fallen on Earth, describing his emotions during his journey.
The emotions felt are the same of the human being during his whole life.
The name of the Band is the name of the Angel: Bluerose.

Tracks of Fallen from Heaven:

01 The Fallen
02 Fallen from Heaven
03 The Desire
04 Eyes to Eyes
05 The Lostness
06 Wasted
07 The Loneliness
08 Lonely Days
09 The Feeling
10 Rock On
11 Power
12 The Sorrow
13 On Through the Night
14 The Love
15 Born to Be In Love
16 The Guilt
17 No More Lies
18 No One But You


RockBoy *Band Score 8.0/10*
For BeRock Radio MiniZine (2011)

Release Year: 2011
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