In 1980 four boys from "Stange" in Norway - formed a band called Polish.
After years of rehearsing, they found out that they wanted to "Reach For The Top".
Later the band become on of Norway's best selling rock band through time.
1983 they changed their name from "Polish" to "Return".
Knut Erik Ostgard, Steinar Hagen, Tore Larsen and Oyvind Hakonsenhad started one enormous success as one of Norway's most selling rock band through times.
In 1993, after six years with constantly playing and with six albums released, the band wanted to take a break from the music. They wanted to find the same feeling for music that they had in 1985 they said...
And the break become long for the fans...
About 8 years later, the band came back and released the album "The Best of Return".
The album sold almost 70.000 copies and the band went out to the road again to celebrate their fans with a mini-tour.
With many sold-out shows and screaming fans all around Norway - Return had found the rock of 80's feeling again and the fans just love it. As a thank you for a long success - they released the album "Return Live" with recording from "Hamar Mart'n" the year of 2000.
They did this because they wanted the fans to remember how the Return songs sounded like when they were traveling around in Norway and played on the local areas. But Return will newer give up the music...they will be back no matter what... The winter of 2004 Return went to studio for recording a brand new album.
With Henning Ramseth at "Space Valley Studio" in Norway, they produced the album "Return" which was released the 6th June 2005... and in 2008 they released another collection which also includes a DVD with shots from a concert in Hamar in 2007.The band's musical style has gone through minimal changes through almost three decades; they've kept most of the typical 80s rock, with a substantial amount of socalled power ballads.

Heaven *Band Score 8.5/10*
For BeRock Radio MiniZine (2010)

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