AFTER HOURS was formed in 1987 by John Francis (vocals), Tim Payne (lead guitar), Martin Walls (bass guitar), Mark Addison (drums) and Rick Young (keyboards). Soon after, the band recorded the album “Take Off”. After a showcase in London’s Marquee Club the band’s management inked a deal for this record with BMG Ariola based in Munich, Germany. The band was flown out to Germany to do a photo  shoot and interviews with magazines prior to the release of “Take Off” in 1988, they also secured a sponsorship deal with Adidas an did photo shoots for them, promoting their new range of sports clothing also called Take off.

From that point on the promotion in Germany, England and Scandinavia was relentless, concerts in England and Scandinavia, Radio interviews and an appearance on Germany’s  version  of top of the pops, finishing the year recording a live concert for Metal Hammers Christmas Party Video in Bochum, Germany.
The band then started writing the follow up album but had to look for a new keyboard player, because Rick Young had left. They were put in contact with Andy Nye who had played keyboards for Michael Schenker, he met the band and agreed to join.

AFTER HOURS then embarked on writing the second album. Within a few months the
band had gone into Rockfield Studios in Wales and started to demo the new songs. The management at this point had secured a new deal with a record company called Global Satellite based in Munich. Global then took over and wanted the band in Munich, at their studios to record the second album. At this point three of the band members decided to leave, Martin Walls, Mark Addison and Andy Nye. Martin emigrated to Canada, Mark went to university and Andy moved on to another project.

This then left John and Tim to complete the recording of the second album. So with help from the producer, Mal Luker and his staff at the studio, they set about making the self titled album “Afterhours”. This proved very stressful to John and Tim and after a stint recording single ideas for the American market at a recording studio in Chipping Norton, England, They both decided to call it a day. The album was released in 1992.

February 14th 2008. A chance meeting of Martin Walls, Tim Payne and John Francis, materialised into the reformation of AFTER HOURS, after agreeing to write and record a song for old time’s sake, it seemed after recording the song it unearthed a new passion in each of them, they wanted to write and record a new album which came from their heart and souls, with no interference from producers, record companies and management.
And so the task of writing and then recording the new ideas started. They invited old friend’s, Chris Pope on drums and Sean Mcmenemy on keyboards and guitar to help, and the new AFTER HOURS was born. The new album is called “Against the Grain”. It’s a mixture of sounds running through a theme of well put together songs, a strong vocal performance and masterful guitar work. It was recorded at Aubitt Recording Studios in Southampton England. The engineer was Rob Aubrey and the album was co-produced by AFTER HOURS and Rob Aubrey, who the band now fondly regard as their sixth member.

“Against The Grain” has released on German label AOR Heaven on 29.04.2011  whilst the “Take Off” album was already re-issued in 2010 on AOR Heaven Classix

Snaki *Band Score 8.5/10*
For BeRock Radio MiniZine (2011)

Release Year: 1988
Release Year: 1989
Release Year: 2011
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