Saturday 14 October 2012, Kastoria City/Greece
One day of pure rock in the City of kastoria!
On 13 of September, the Greek band Wild Kitten shows up in Kastoria for a live show. This show takes place at Blue Note and it was
great music night for all supporters of good music. The organization of this live was very good and the Blue Note starts to have a lot
of fans of the band in a few minutes. Be Rock Radio was there to inform his fans with a lot of pictures, video and interviews for this
amazing night. The shows starts at 12:00 AM on the midnight and Wild Kitten appeared on the stage with a little music intro plays with
their appearance. Eliz took the microphone and "let the flame begins". The band played a lot of tracks and the most of them were the
original tracks of the band, but on the other hand the were some covers from big bands such as AC/DC, Scorpions and other. Also, at the
end of the show Wild Kitten played their new single which called "Scream" and is going to be a movie soundtrack as they announced.
The live that the band made at Kastoria was really perfect! The voice of the Eliz FoxyFord makes the crowd travel to another places,
places with a lot of melodic music. Nikki Love and John Lytras was on guitars and plays a lot of incredible guitar solos and their
fingers were almost on fire! Also, the bassist of the band was Theo and this live show was the first for him. He was extremely good
and over the circumstances. He shows that is the right ring on this chain which called Wild Kitten. And for last the craziest member
of the band was Roxx Ztar on drums. He makes the night crazier than it was! Roxx played very good on drums and was very warm with the audience. If someone lost this live was totally a loser, because the night belonged to Wild Kitten's lovers!!!!



Steve Xanthis
For BeRock Radio MiniZine (2012)

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