Saturday 8th, Sunday 9th & Monday 10th of September 2012!
3 days of pure rock in the City of Ioannina, Greece!
On the 8th of September, the "Ioannina Rock City II" held in Ioannina city. This festival was placed next to the famous
lake of Ioannina and the entrance was free for all the fans of rock music, The organization of this festival was very
good and this year the organizers decide to combine local bands with big names of rock music from all over the world.
The first day of "Ioannina Rock City Fest II" based on classic rock and the group "Rock Academy" was the first that shows
up on the stage. They play songs from big bands like AC/DC, Cream and others and they responded very well on the requirements.
Then, the local band "Crossroads" took the festival on their hands and add to the show some awesome guitar solos and riff that
made the headbangers to make their favorite activity...."HEADBANGING". Local bands such "RockN' Rebel" and "Delusion" continue
this big festival to warm up the crowd for the big names. The female singer of Delusion gave her best of herself on the stage
and dance on the melody that came from the musical instruments. The Ioannina City Rock Fest was ready for one of the big names
of the night, George Gakis and the Troublemakers showed up on the stage, played a lot of known songs made the crowd singing all
together. One of the surprise of this festival was "Fortissimo". Fortissimo is 4 beautiful ladies with cellos, that make the
music more melodic. Those ladies played with George Gakis some songs and made this night more beautiful. The time has come for
the big name of the festival. A music genius was appeared on Ioannina City Rock Fest and his named is Kip Winger. He played a
lot of his known songs like "Miles Away", "Seventeen" and others. Kip made an acoustic show with Fortissimo and a show with
George Gakis and Cenk Eroglu from Turkey that blows your mind. Kip Winger was very friendly with the greek fans and in a moment
his put his bass on the crowd to touch it. Ioannina Rock City Fest II was a memorable experience for the lovers of rock music
this year. Also, this year the organizers made a photo exhibition and a little show with blues, heavy metal sounds and the
greek musician Anastasio Farini was there. Another opportunity that was given to the fans of good music was to buy if they want
some projects of the bands that appeared on the festival.
The Ioannina Rock City Fest II totally worth it this year!!!!



Steve Xanthis
For BeRock Radio MiniZine (2012)

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