Sunday 11 November 2012, Thessalonikh City/Greece
On 11 Of November, two very talented musicians showed up in Thessaloniki for a music seminar. This seminar is called
"Guitar & Bass Clinic" and took place at Stone Studio. "Guitar & Bass Clinic" is gonna be series of seminars in a lot
of places of Greece and it is intended to talk about those two excellent musical instruments, Guitar and Bass.
It was a great music seminar for all supporters of good music and BeRock Radio was there to inform his fans with a lot
of pictures. The organization of the "Guitar & Bass Clinic" was very good and we have to say that this seminar was sold out!
On the one side, Anastasio Farini was there to pass his knowledge of the guitar to those who were there and on the other
side Kostas Domenikiotis was there to pass his knowledge of the bass to those who was there. Those amazing musicians speaks
about the practice and the time that you have to dedicate of each musical instrument, they talk about the music role that
each instrument has on a real band and they inform us about the sound of the guitar and the bass. Also, Anastasio and Kostas
show to the fans of "Guitar & Bass Clinic" some of their skills and they played some songs to make their words into practice.
It was an awesome seminar and they musicians were open to questions of people and they give the chance, to those that were
there, to photographed with them. In the end of the this excellent initiative they share souvenirs to people and they thanked
them about their attendance.
"Guitar & Bass Clinic" was a great chance for those who are really interested to music, because everyone learned a lot of
information about music theoretically and practically. If everyone has the chance to be in a seminar like this in the near
future on an other town of Greece....Just be there!!!!



Steve Xanthis
For BeRock Radio MiniZine (2012)

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