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  Niva -Interview (2019)


No Capitulation
Relievin' Rain
Gold From The Future
Incremental IV
Release Year: 1994
Release Year: 1995
Release Year: 2011
Release Year: 2013
Release Year: 2014
Time To Say Goodbye
Stay With Me
Release Year: 2016
Release Year: 2018
Release Year: 2019


Interview taken from Tony Niva.

GEORGE: Welcome to BeRock Radio Tony, the most melodic place! I am George, please make yourself comfortable!
We're glad to have you here. Will you tell us some information about your new track "Stay With Me"?
Was it hard composing the track? How long did the recording sessions take?

TONY: I usually sit down with my acoustic guitar trying to find the right cords for the song along with the melodies.
When I get inspired the song comes almost immediately to me which was the case with this song. Often the chorus
is the first part to grow ready before verses were completed. When the song had all its different parts ready,
my producer and friend Lars Chriss took over. He then transformed my acoustic guitar parts to electric guitar riffs.
He also created the arrangements for the song. I must say he did a terrific job.

The music background was then delivered to Kay Backlund for recording keys and to Jan Stål to finishing of the background
for the song. Vocal recordings took place at Hertig Studios and engineered by Viktor Brunö. All the vocal lines were then made
during a couple of hours on a Tuesday morning. Thomas Plec Johansson then made his magic for the mix and master,
so it took some months for the whole project to cross the finish line. It's always an interesting process to be part of,
to see the song transform from an acoustic version to a full production version.

GEORGE: What are your plans for the promotion of the Track, but also generally speaking?
What plans do you have for live shows/tours, will we see you in other European countries as well?

TONY: I'm using the social media only for this release.
I am a single artist financing everything by myself so therefore I have chosen not to use a production company for this release.
No touring is planned even though there previously exist several full-length releases (six albums) to choose songs from to a playlist.

GEORGE: Ever since 1994, when you released your album, "No Capitulation ", you've had a lot of changes to your line-up,
Tell us a few words about the band's current line-up.|

TONY: Tony Niva: Voices, Lars Chriss: Guitars & Drums, Kay Backlund: Keys , Jan Stål: Bas

GEORGE: For the past 5-6 years, we've been seeing a bloom in Melodic Hard Rock.
Do you believe that rockers want more quality in the music and listen to more of this genre?
What's your opinion on this?

TONY: Don't know about that. I'm putting out my music without thinking so much.
When I'm listening to the final version and feel that I am satisfied with the song, then that is enough.
I Think that the important stages lies not only within the earlier steps when composing the song but
also later on finding the right tempo, arrangements and flow for the song.

GEORGE: Last time that I spoke with Eric (Rivers) (Ex H.e.a.T.), I asked him what you do there in Sweden to keep giving us these
excellent bands with amazing musicians. "Is there something in the water?", I asked him, and he replied
with "Hmm, it's probably the beer!" (laughs!!)
I'm asking if you can tell us your opinion on the amazing music scene of Sweden.
You clearly have a lot of talented musicians there, what makes Sweden rise above the rest in the music industry?
Can you tell us what's going on there that causes a new star to be born?

TONY: There are a lot of great bands out there in the genre, so wouldn't say Sweden rises above the rest in the industry
but there are maybe variables in play that must be considered. School environment gives the youngsters the opportunity
of playing instruments in the early ages. There have always been musical role models for youngsters.
There are plenty of Swedish acts that have showing them the way and showing that nothing is impossible.

GEORGE: Sweden, as I've said before, is famous about its music industry, especially the genre you support (Melodic Hard Rock).
Do you feel it's difficult to meet such high standards of quality?

TONY: As I said before, I'm not thinking in those terms at all. I'm creating music to satisfy my own needs first.
If I can influence anyone positively with my music, then I have succeeded.

GEORGE: Name a few bands from Sweden that you admire and the reason why.

TONY: There are several bands I admire for their creativity, hard work and musicianship out there, for example,
H.e.a.t, Bad Habit, Degreed, Eclipse and of course Lion's Share!

GEORGE: The music industry in the recent years has changed.
We see that a lot of people prefer digital purchases, which are more convenient, faster and more easily accessible.
What are your thoughts on the future of CDs?

TONY: For a single artist, it is also more convenient for the wallet to only distribute music throughout
the digital major platforms services.

GEORGE: It's not just the music industry that has changed over the years.
Nowadays, we see social media (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc...)
become hugely widespread. How much do these sites support a band and in what way?

TONY: Social media is the only way for a single artist to promote his music
without using a professional promoter.

GEORGE: Thank you for your time, I wish you all the best for the future!
The last words are yours for this interview.
Feel free to say whatever you want to all BeRock's Radio minizine readers!

TONY: BeRock and Greece have always been very much dedicated to the NIVA music
and we're very grateful to have you as our listeners. Bless you all!

George "Snaki" Karatzas
For BeRock Radio's MiniZine (2019)
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