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Band's Facebook: www.facebook.com/Wightlighters


Wight Lighters. An American band playing honest Rock music with a modern touch.
The band's music is a mix of classic rock, blues, Southern and Country Rock.
Tons of catchy songs and a very resolute attitude.

As I press the play button and hear the first notes of "American Dream", I started
headbanging unconciously! (laughs!) Amazing sound for the guitars, rhythmic bass
and drums, excellent crystal-clear vocals and an amazing driving melodic hard rock
rhythm are its secrets!

Coming right up in melodic yet calmer rhythms is "Run On Run Along". Travelling music
guitars with beautiful riffs and amazing crystal-clear vocals dominate the track.
These two tracks have provided an excellent start to the album!
Let's see what awaits us up ahead..

The next track is "Heartstrings", which essentially is a melodic Southern rock diamond.

Continuing the album in the same quality footsteps, we have "Slow", "Kansas City Bound"
"Just Believe", "Think A Little Les", "Learning How To Live Alone" and "Damned If I Do Damned If I Don't".

Finally, closing the album melodically, we have "Jet Airliner"
and "Jam Outro", with the winner of this 'battle' being the former,
due to its beautiful guitars, crystal clear vocals and amazing rhythm.

In summary, the compositions will make you want to start headbanging and have a dose
of "freshness"! It's one of those tracks that make you want to ride your bike
and start a long ride! :)
They definitely won't go by unnoticed.
I really dig these guys!

George "Snaki" Karatzas 10/10: "
"First of all, it's apparent that these guys are natural born Rockers!
This album sets an example on how to make amazing melodic music.
Excellent stuff. Buy itimmediately and start rocking with them! As for the score..10/10!"

For BeRock Radio MiniZine (2021)

14th January 2021