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Band's Facebook:

First of all, it's apparent that these guys are crazy with rock music! This resulted in
them creating an album full of fresh ideas, as well amazing glam sound that will lift
your mood up and make your neck hurt from all the headbanging, in case that you listen
to it live! (laughs!)

Going back to the album, even the track titles are awesome , and full of that great craziness
and uniqueness! Definitely the most youthful and 'refreshing' album I've listened to in 2021 so far.
They will remind you of WIG WAM, RECKLESS LOVE and KISS, when they were in their beginnings.

As "Tonight's on Fire" begins, so does the headbanging as you listen to the first notes
of the "dirty" guitars! Add the "hoarse" vocals into the mix, alongside the melodic
rhythm, and you'll see what I'm talking about! Coming right up is "Smoke'n'flame", with
the same "dirty" rock sound, only more melodic, with beautiful crystal-clear vocals
and a fantastic chorus! These two tracks provided an excellent start for the album!

The following track is "Make My Way", and it's the third glam rock diamond
in a row! These guys have set out to drive us crazy from headbanging! We're
only at the start and my neck hurts from it! (laughs!) Amazing rhythmic bass and drums,
incredible guitar sound and vocals worthy of a rock seminar! Excellent track!

Equally high-quality hard rock tracks are the upcoming ones,"Why Should I", "She's Got a Hard Shell",
"You Rock My Heart", "Up and Down", "Take All You Need" and "All Night Long".

Lastly, closing the album in an incredibly rock way,
we have "Call Me Crazy" and "Ziit Zum Haime Gah"

George "Snaki" Karatzas 10/10: "
In conclusion? This album is something you must listen to. Full of beautiful musical craziness,
you'll definitely dig it and it will cheer you up! These guys are born rockers, and they rock it out in an unbelievable way.
As for the score, anything short of the highest possible would be unfair to them, and I am not going to do anyone injustice.
As such, I'm rating this album a 10/10!"

For BeRock Radio MiniZine (2021)
6 February 2021