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Band's Website: www.johndiva.com
Band's Facebook: www.facebook.com/johndiva.rocks


First of all, it's apparent that these guys are crazy with rock music! This resulted in
them creating an album full of fresh ideas, as well amazing glam sound that will lift
your mood up and make your neck hurt from all the headbanging, in case that you listen
to it live! (laughs!)

The album begins with the kick ass guitars, rhythmic bass and powerfull Drums of "Voodoo, Sex and Vampires"!
After a while, the crystal-clear vocals arrive, and that is when the headbanging begins! What an amazing melodic
hard rock rhythm, with amazing lyrics followed by fantastic vocals! Coming right up after that is " American Amadeus",
which has the same "ingredients" as the previous track, but it's more melodic and powerful!
These two tracks have provided an excellent start to the album!

The third track coming up is "Soldier of Love", which has a more rhythmic and "dirty" sound
compared to the previous two tracks. Its rhythm will win you over immediately!

Continuing the album in the same quality footsteps, we have "Bling Bling Marilyn", "Champagne on Mars",
"Weekend for a Lifetime", "Karmageddon", "Wasted (In Babylon)", and "Movin' Back to Paradise"
with the last one winning the 'battle' among them due to its rhythm.

Right after those we have "Drip Drip Baby", "This is Rock 'n' Roll", and "2 Hearts"
with the latter stealing the spotlight due to its beautiful guitars and crystal-clear vocals!

Okay, these guys have given us a well-written melodic Hair Metal album, which is very important
if we take into consideration the fact that it's their second album. Well-written tracks, excellent
performances and high quality production are the pieces of this beautiful musical puzzle. One of
the good releases of January 2021. Don't miss out on it if you're a fan of good melodic Hair Metal

George "Snaki" Karatzas 10/10: "
In summary, "American Amadeus" is an incredible way to musically start the new year!
A true Melodic Hair Metal diamond! Drop what you're doing and go get it immediately!
As for the score, I can't give it anything less than a 10/10.
I'll have to leave you for now, to listen to "Soldier Of Love" one more time! (laughs!!)"

For BeRock Radio MiniZine (2021)

14th January 2021