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Band's Website: www.gatheringofkings.se
Band's Facebook: www.facebook.com/gatheringofkingssweden


As I press the play button, the notes of "Riders of the Light" start 'filling' the room.
Excellent keys, melodic guitars, rhythmic bass & drums, and crystal-clear vocals
are the pieces that complete this beautiful musical puzzle.

Following this track in the same footsteps is "Heaven on the Run", with more beautiful keys
and a greater rhythm. These two tracks have provided an excellent start to the album.

The next track coming up, "December", continues the album with a melodic rhythm,
and following it up in the same quality footsteps are "Highway to Paradise", "The One That Got Away",
"Lorelei", "Moonlight", and "Revelation" with the winner of this 'battle' being the last one, due to its rhythm.

Lastly, we have "Kiss from Above", "From a Whisper to a Scream" and "Final Hour"
closing the album in calm and melodic rhythms.

In summary? These guys come from the great music scene of Sweden, and they've released a
very well written album with quality compositions. Don't forget to take into account the fact
that this is their second album, which makes it all the more important.
Also, as we can tell from their music, they're high-quality level artists.

What we have here definitely is an album that is a Melodic Hard Rock diamond,
with excellently written compositions and fantastic performances.
Keep in mind that we're talking about a high quality piece of work.
It's a must-buy!

George "Snaki" Karatzas 10/10: "
It's a very difficult task to find a band with such high-quality music.
One of the great releases of 2020. Don't miss out on it, because you'll only be doing yourself a disservice!
As for the score, since a perfect rating of 10/10 isn't enough, I'll give it a 10/10 with honors!"

For BeRock Radio MiniZine (2021)

4th January 2021