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As I press the play button, the imposing sound from the intro "Where Angels Cry" fills
the room, beginning with wonderful melodic keys which are soon followed by amazing guitars
and crystal clear vocals.Simply amazing, and perfectly prepares you for what's about to follow.

Coming up next is the fantastic track, "Aquarius Sky". Amazing rhythmic bass and drums, powerful
guitars, and crystal-clear vocals are the secrets that form this excellent musical puzzle.

After that, we have the more rhythmic "On The Wings Of An Angel", with the crystal-clear
vocals of Mikael Erlandsson combined with the wonderful sound of Pontus Åkesson's guitars!

The following track is "A Tear From the Sky", and there are no words to describe what Mikael Erlandsson
have done with the compositions of this album! We're talking about the 4th well-written track in a row.
I still can't believe that I am listening to such a beautiful and high-quality work of Melodic Hard Rock!
We're not talking about just a good album anymore, we're talking about something
truly special. Let's see what awaits us ahead.

Continuing the album in the same quality footsteps, we have "Love Is Not an Enemy", "The Dream of America",
"Straight Between the Eyes, "Don't Ever Leave Me" and "A Piece of Work", with the third and last ones standing
above the rest due to their rhythm.

Next up is "Only Love Can Save the World", and I have to stop writing because I need to listen to yet another
Melodic Rock dynamite! The next and last track "Your Words" closing the album in calm and melodic rhythm.

In summary?
Amazing compositions, performed brilliantly by the band. These guys have an amazing sound and excellent rhythm!
I don't know what you'll be doing on the 26th of February 2021, when it will be released by AOR Heaven., but drop
it and run to buy the album immediately! Rest assured that once you start listening to it, a big smile will appear on your face.
A must buy album! As for the score, anything 10/10 would be an injustice to it.

Vocals: Mikael Erlandss n
Drums: Robban Bäck
Bass: Johan Strömberg
Keyboard solo on 2 tracks: Jona Tee
Main Keyboards: Mikael Erlandsson
Guitars: Pontus Åkesson
Piano on "Don't ever leave me: Claes Andreasson

George "Snaki" Karatzas 10/10:
"The tracks are wonderful melodic hard rock compositions, and the performances
by the band are excellent! One of the great releases of 2021! As for the score, I can't give it anything short of perfect,
as such, I rate it 10/10!"

For BeRock Radio MiniZine (2021)

6th January 2021