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As I press the play button, I unconciously start headbanging just from the very first few notes of
"Everything"! (laughs!!) Amazing guitars, excellent crystal-clear vocals, and rhythmic bass & drums
are the pieces that complete this musical puzzle!

The second track coming up is "Penthouse Floor", and this is where things start to get seriously good.
Why is that? Put simply, it's because we're listening to the second hard rock diamond in a row!
Amazingly rhythmic, with a fantastic Rock sound and and avesome "crystal vocals"

The third track coming up is "One Track Mind.". Okay, these German guys have done an amazing job
at composing the tracks! I don't remember any other album in the past year that has such good and
powerful tracks, and we're still in the beginning! I won't talk about the riffs much, I'll just say that they're

Continuing the album in the same quality footsteps, we have "Lullaby", "A Night to Remember",
"Crying in the Rain", "Calling Angels" and "Hand in Hand", with the third and last ones standing
above the rest due to their rhythm.

Lastly, we have "Never Say Never" and "The Silence" closing the album,
with the last one stealing the spotlight due to its amazing Keys and beautiful vocals.

In summary? Even if we're at the middle of the year, I can guarantee that this is among my top 5 for this year.
Amazing compositions, performed brilliantly by the band. These guys have an amazing sound and excellent rhythm!
I don't know what you'll be doing on the 24th of August 2018, when it will be released by Pride & Joy Music., but drop
it and run to buy the album immediately! Rest assured that once you start listening to it, a big smile will appear on your face.
A must buy album! As for the score, anything 10/10 would be an injustice to it, and as such, I will do as colleges do,
and give it a 10/10 with honors!

George "Snaki" Karatzas 10/10: "
In summary, these guys have given us an amazing album, which is also their debut,
making it all the more important. Excellent, well-written compositions and fantastically performed tracks."

For BeRock Radio MiniZine (2018)