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Calling Your Name is the stunning new album from one of England's best kept secrets blues maestro Trevor Sewell.
Actually this album was released two years ago (2011), but now it has new album cover and Trevor Sewell is back
for his fans. I have to say that this project is very good! The maestro of blues has beautiful tracks on this
CD like "Calling Your Name", "Don't Need Nobody", the instrumental "Gone Too Soon", "Hate Me For A Reason",
"Lost Something" and other songs. He has put his blues techniques on this album and you will understand that he
work hard, because sometimes if you close your eyes you will hear his soul sing through his music.
All the tracks of the "Calling Your Name" has blues style, good rhythm, good lead guitar and an excellent voice
with a special tone. Also, there is a song which called "Don't Need Nobody" and appears in two styles on this album.
The first is the track with the mix of legendary producer Stuart Epps (Led Zeppelin, Elton John) and the other is
the regular song. The Epps Mix is interesting and gives a special tune on the track.
If you listen carefully the new album of Trevor Sewell you will hear some music influences of the known
Stevie Ray Vaughan and the big musician Eric Clapton. However, Trevor is in there with his musical peculiarities
and gives a big album to his fans. I have to admit that he rightly has been nominated 8 times in the Hollywood
Music Awards and also received a nomination in the British Blues Awards.

Tracks that you must absolutely listen from the album "Calling Your Name":

Calling Your Name
Don't Need Nobody
Gone Too Soon
Hate Me For A Reason
Lost Something
Talked To The Devil
Where The Wild Ones Go

Steve Xanthis: 9.0/10 "Calling Your Name" is a superb example of musical craftsmanship appealing to Blues and Melodic Rock audiences."
For BeRock Radio MiniZine (2013)

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