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Philip Bardowell released his new album.

The new project of Bardowell is called “To The Ends Of The Earth” and is an amazing project for those who are fan
of this genre if music. Christian Rock is a special music genre and a lot of people support this genre with a lot
of passion. This passion is one of the best ingredients of this album. Philip Bardowell knows exactly what to do
and you can see that through this album.

“To The Ends Of The Earth”, contains a lot of songs and all of them are in high level, because Philip is a master
at this music genre. He has cooperated with a lot of big musicians of Christian Rock music and he has adopted a
lot of musical knowledge from them. This <<adoption>> and his own elements made an awesome mix and make the new
album of Philip Bardowell a magic CD for the fans of Philip and for all those people who decide to listen this CD.

I’m not gonna choose some tracks of the album and called them <<key songs>>, because all of them are amazing.
12 tracks that chilling you, make you happy, blessed you and make you a big fan of Christian Rock music.
All the songs are worked truly good, with a lot of passion, happiness and power!

You must absolutely listen all the tracks from the album "To The Ends Of The Earth".

Steve Xanthis: 9.0/10 "The new album of Philip Bardowell is simply perfect for the fans of Christian Rock music.
Philip Bardowell was born for what he do and he is master at this!"

For BeRock Radio MiniZine (2013)