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Band's Website:

KILLER BEE is a band that has united 2 big music schools of Melodic Hard Rock. Sweden's Anders Rannblom and Canada's
Brian Frank have shown their work over the years (1993-2013), and how they've managed to do it in the best way possible!
After changes in their line-up, as of 2011, it shows that they've ended up with a line-up that both they and us like!

With this line-up, the newest project of the legendary swedish band's was released, under the name "Evolutionary Children".
From the moment the CD entered the Player and the music started, I realized that even from the first tracks the guys
are rocking again! We're talking about amazing Melodic Hard Rock music! For example, their second track of the album,
"A Little Too Old" has amazing guitars and excellent bass, while Brian Frank does wonders with the vocals!
The "All The Things You Say" is one of the songs we say will become a Classic! Kickass blues tune!
Generally, Brian Frank in the Album shows great energy and has splendid vocals, the bass and the drums have great rhythms,
the guitars give us Rock Music lessons and Denny DeMarchi at keys shows us how much of a quality musician he is!


Recorded at DeMarchi Studios Brampton, Ontario & Charger Studios, Ornskoldsvik.
Produced By: Brian "Bee" Frank
Enginered By: Brian "Bee" Frank & Denny DeMarchi
Mixed by: Brian "Bee" Frank & Jim Zolis at Zolis Audio Toronto, Ontario
Masterd By: Paul Milner at Shell lane Studios
Artwork By: Lovebone Apparel

Line Up:
Brian Frank: Lead vocals
Anders L.A Rönnblom: Bass & Rhythm Guitar
Jimmy DeLisi: Lead Guitar, Acoustic Guitar
Morgan Evans: Drums
Denny DeMarchi: Keys

George "Snaki" Lane: 9.5/10 "Excellent work from KILLER BEE, this is one of the albums we say is a
must-own CD for anyone who is a fan of Melodic Hard Rock music! So...BUY IT NOW!"

For BeRock Radio MiniZine (2013)