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It's not yet 18 months since their critically acclaimed album "HoS" hit the market, but the band has been working on a
sequel ever since. It's about time to let the new opus "Pay to Play" see the light of day. And MelodicRock Records is
going to be the label to deliver this new classic to the masses.

The upcoming seventh studio release marks the second CD with lead singer Andreas Novak, and is accordingly their best
album so far. The band chose a small label, in order to maintain highest priority throughout the process, instead of
falling between the lines in the hands of a bigger label.

House Of Shakira are a Swedish rock formed by guitarists Mats Hallstensson and Anders Lundström that started out in
Stockholm around 1991 under the moniker The Station. The mid 1990's saw the band change their name to House of Shakira,
named after a London bordello. In their 22 year history the band has released six previous studio albums, all of which
have left their mark, making the band one of Sweden's best known musical exports as well as hometown heroes.
Their famed debut album "Lint" remains a genre classic. For the band's second album with singer Andreas Novak,
the guys collectively concluded that it was time to give the debut a run for its money. The House Of Shakira
line-up of Mats Hallstensson (guitars), Anders Lundström (guitars), Andreas Novak (vocals) and the blistering
rhythm section of Basse Blyberg (bass) and Martin Larsson (drums) locked themselves away in the studio for
several months, not immerging until the songs of their new release "Pay To Play" were completed and a perfect
addition to the band's legacy. House Of Shakira "Pay To Play" will be released worldwide via
MelodicRock Records/Cargo Records on CD September 23 and via Digital outlets two weeks later on October 7.

This project is their best so far and you can understand that if you are a fan of House Of Shakira.
So beautiful, well worked with a lot of special ingredients that raise the album to a higher level.
12 songs, 12 excellent compositions, which are organized so perfect and the album flows like a good wine.

They are here to play their music and this you can hear it from the beginning till the end of the new CD "Pay To Play".
They have a lot of <<weapons>> to their bags and they are going to earn a lot of fans through this album.
Some of these big weapons of the band are the enthusiasm, the passion, the well worked guitars, the strong guitar solos,
the rhythm of the drums, the powerful vocals and the deep and solid bass. Generally, the band from Sweden have a lot
to show to the fans and to the people who love the Melodic Rock music.

Tracks that you must absolutely listen from the album "Pay To Play" :

Pay To Play
All You Want
Dopamine Junkie
Give Me More
Tried And True

Steve Xanthis: 9.5/10 "House Of Shakira are really professionals and when you hear them you can understand that they are here
to stay and create a big career. House of Shakira want to come out and play again!!!"

For BeRock Radio MiniZine (2013)