Traci Trexx: Guitar
Anna Savage: Lead vocals
Pete Ash: Bass
Jens Gebb: Drums


VANITY BLVD is a Female Fronted Kickass Melodic Hard Rock Band from Sweden.
We'll let the band speak for itself!

Traci Trexx:
Don't know where I should start my musical journey. I think it started early when my evil Father bought an
old electric guitar and an old depleated amplifier from the Seventies from my uncle. It was kept in my Father's garage and I was under strict instructions that it wasn't allowed to be used.

On occasions that my Father was away on business, I used to break into the garage and then run off when he got home. I used to sit there and admire the guitar as if it was a really cool space ship with lots of buttons on it! I thought the whammy bar was the thing to fire missiles with!
I started taking guitar lessons at Junior High and at Christmas one year I got a present from my dear Mother.... I opened it and it was a collection CD with Jimi Hendrix.

She said that this was the best guitar player EVER...and she wanted me to play like him.
I went mad, thinking "What kind of stupid Sixties crap is this?", but I put it in my stereo and pressed "play".... I nearly fainted..I had been touched by the hand of God and was blessed by Rock n roll at that moment, like in the "Blues Brother's" movie.... "Do you see the light???"
I just screamed out "WoooooooooW" and after that moment I realised what a guitar and rock music was all about...No turning back since then...
Shortly after that discovery, my Grandfather introduced me to his record collection...Showed me his old vinyls with Led Zeppelin and James Gang to name a few...It opened my senses to TOTAL massdestruction of a maxed out dose of Rock n Roll in my heart and soul.

Anna Savage:
t was never really a question of what I wanted to do in my life.
Music has always been in the center of my light and the closest to my heart.It started early with shows in the living room, where my family and friends patiently sat down to watch me perform.Music for me is a way to express myself. The songs I write is like a diary of my lifeMusic is what brings people closer together, (or further apart sometimes) what makes us happy and what helps us handle the pain that sometimes occur in life. There are no barriers in music, music is free and beautiful.

Pete Ash:
I always loved toys that made a lot of noise and in my early teens I came across a bass guitar for the first time.... After numerous of bands over the years, in all kinds of genres, I finally ended up with musicians that loves the same kind of music that I do.
I can't remember how I first came across rock n roll but somehow, one night, I got an old cassette tape (stoneage I know) with Accept´s "Balls to the wall" and I was hooked right away. I still remember how I night after night listened to that tape when I was going to bed. After that I ran into Motley´s "Shout at the devil". Not long after that I discovered the Swedish band Treat and went to my very first concert at age of 11...... I think that I made up my mind on my way home that night, I´m gonna be in a band. So thank you guys, you probably saved me from sports...

Jens Gebb:
Trying the best I can to play drums and make good music. Has repeatedly succeeded,
somewhat with both parts, sometimes simultaneous.


George "Snaki" Lane: *They're young, have scenic presence, talent, their vocalist has amazing capabilities, and they origin from a music scene with a long history in Melodic Hard Rock, Sweden! What else could you ask from a Hard Rock Band? I love to see talented new bands! Give them some time and you'll see they'll rock you!
It's the least you could do! Kick ass stuff!"

BeRock Radio Minizine (2014)
Post Date: 16th February 2014

Band's Website: www.vanityblvd.com
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