Vaine: Lead vocals, R. Guitar
Cosie Varras: Lead Guitar
Nikotinn: Bass
Chris Rox: Drums


Addiction was formed on April 2013 in Athens,Greece.
Members of Addiction first met in the late 90′s,back then as members of Perpetual and Ekptotoi Aggeloi.
Perpetual was the solo band of Cosie Varras aka Overlord. Cosie and his band had played many shows
mainly in Athens-Greece and Los Angeles-California. He has also released 3 albums.
Ekptotoi Aggeloi,the band of Vaine and Chris Rox performed more than 100 shows in their native country,
Greece. They also released 1 album that hit the greek charts.
In 2011,Vaine joined Junkyard 69 where he met bassist Nikotinn. Three years later,Nikotinn joins Addiction.
For a long time,Cosie,Vaine and Chris wanted to put a band together,and so they finally decided to form
Addiction. Their music is a mix of modern glam,hard n' heavy rock.While main influences are rock bands
from the 80′s & 90's,Addiction is trying to create a new sound and want to be unique.
At the moment,the band is recording the debut album,while getting ready for a European tour which is
gonna take place later in 2014.


George "Snaki" Lane: "It appears that the Melodic Hard Rock Music Scene in Greece has a bright future when bands like Silked & Stained, Heart Attack and now Addiction appear! Addiction, whom are our current topic, are all
young guys already with plenty of experience in music! They're "tough", in their sound, and will remind you of
Motley Crue at their beginnings! First samples are fantastic and if they keep it up, it's only a matter of time until
their 1st professional contract and international career kick off!
Support them. Listen to them and you'll understand what I'm talking about. Kickass stuff!"

BeRock Radio Minizine (2014)
Post Date: 29th June 2014

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