Alan 'Hot Rod' King
Chris 'Sniper' Hineline
Jeremy 'The Playboy' Deans
Sam 'Spade' Morris:
Vocals, Rythmn Guitar, Keys
Lead Guitar, vocals
Bass, vocals


3D In Your Face is the nation's number one 80's hair metal tribute band. Starting out in 1999 as the
brain child of Alan 'Hot Rod' King, 3D In Your Face has taken their non-stop Rock N Roll party across
the United States for the better part of a decade. Calling the great city of Omaha, Nebraska home,
3D In Your Face has been bringing 80's hair metal back in a big way. Playing clubs, bars,
street dances, festivals, fairs, bike rallys, private parties and corprate events to tens of thousands
of 80's Rock N Roll fanatics. 3D In Your Face independently released three records of original material
and in 2013 they release their latest record "Midnight Devils". The big hair, the loud guitars, the pyro,
the tight pants, all set to the soundtrack of 1989.
3D In Your Face is Hot Rod, Sniper, Playboy, and Spade.


George "Snaki" Lane: "I like to watch young people gain ground in the music scene! These guys seem to have everything! Youth, scenic presence ,talent and a rocking attitude! What more would you need?
I really dig these guys! Kick ass stuff!"

BeRock Radio Minizine (2014)
Post Date: 10th June 2014

Band's Website: www.3dinyourface.com
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