The Genders were formed in 2004 in Tel Aviv, Israel. They recorded their first album "Rockin in Ramallah"
(AMP Records/8th Note Records) and in 2005 went on their first US tour. In 2006 The Genders released
"Virgin No. 72" (Dead Seas Records) and embarked on an extensive US tour that took them from coast to coast and back again, solidifying their status as Israel's hardest working rock band.
Songs off "Virgin No. 72" and "Rockin in Ramallah" made their way into US TV shows such as "90210",
"Castle", "Combat Nurses", "Plain Jane", "LA Ink" amongst others, thanks to a fruitful association with
"Love Cat Music", a NY based publishing firm.
In 2010 the song "Army Girl" was featured in the film "American Pie 7 - The Book of Love"
In 2012 the song "Stick To My Guns" was featured in the film "That's My Boy" starring Adam Sandler.
Also during 2012, The Genders were selected by Ovad Efrat, one of Israel's premier musicians, composers and producers, and CEO of ACUM to be the band behind the Israeli cult Rock Opera, "Mami". The band received rave reviews and "Mami" is still going strong, filling auditoriums and gathering new fans for the band in its home territory. In 2013, after 5 long years of painstaking work, The Genders completed the recording,
mixing and mastering of their 3rd and most accomplished album to date, entitled "Guts and Heartstrings".
The album, produced by the band and mastered by Maor Applebaum, is their first attempt at a bluesier,
rootsier rocknroll, boasting 3 heartfelt ballads, female back-up singers, Hammond organ, Fender Rhoads organ, piano and most importantly, mature and sophisticated lyrics. Made possible by a generous grant from ACUM, this album will be released later this year.

Snaki: *Band Score 8.0/10* "In the past few years, Israel seems to be dynamically diving into the Melodic Rock Scene with bands such as METAL SCENT and RED ROSE ! With them, we also have THE GENDERS coming with their
3rd album! The first samples of the album are very good! They’re worth your attention, give them a chance to see what they have to offer."

BeRock Radio Minizine (2013)
Post Date 17th June 2013

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