Born in Madrid on July 31, 1971, formed his first band with only at the age of 13, begins where self-taught to play his first chords and compose his first songs. At the age of 17 signs its first contract with the band "the missing" with who recorded two albums. With the album "I want to scream" Rockers around the world start to recognize the torn voice of Rafa Martin. After this period, caught the attention of Pablo Pinilla, today one of the producers more prestigious in Spain with who signed a contract of representation. In 1994 he recorded his first album Solo "heart iron" (Corazon de Hierro) with the Group Harem Scarem.
Full Album musicians Line-Up:
Rafa Martin: vocals
Pete Lesperance: Guitars
Mike Gionet: Bass
Darren Smith: Drums
omar Ales: Keys
Lele Melotti: Drums
Daniele Tedeschi: Drums
Giorgio Cocilovo: Guitars
Andrea Braido: Guitars
Clemente Ferrari: Keys
Loris Ceroni: Bass
Harry Hess: Backing vocals

The disc is recorded entirely in Italy, produced by Pablo Pinilla and be public in 1995 with the multinational "Sony". Not pass unnoticed for Rockers who love Melodic Rock music, who obtained their full attention and support from Rockers and Rock press around the world! It's been more than 14 years and still Rock the world with melodies. After finishing his contract with "SONY", was captured by the producer Humberto Gatica, with whom he recorded his second solo album entitled "When you get to fly" (Cuando llegue a volar) in Los Angeles along with musicians such as Vinnie Colaiuta, Mikhael Thomson, Michael Landau, Nell Stubenhaus, Tim Pearce, among others. After their second album, was retired from the stage and recording studios but continued writing for other artists, music and writing for advertising also.
Rafa now is back with the Album "El Rastro Que Otros Seguirán" t
o give us more melodies!

Andreas "RockBelt": *Band Score 8.0/10* "If you like Melodic Rock music, then you’ll have to check this artist for sure." P.S. Thanks Rock lady Lourdes Lou, which reminded me of this artist!
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