Montage is a Finnish rock group formed in 2011. Their music is a mixture of traditional hard rock and the hazy sounds of folk, early prog rock and psychedelia. The group's debut album will be released in 2014.
Montage's music could be described as traditional hard rock with a prog twist, but one can also find jazzy and folkish elements in their songs. The band's main influences are The Doors, Rush, Caravan, Marillion and Black Mountain. Almost all of the instrumental parts are written by guitarist Roni Seppänen and then arranged by the whole group. The lyrics, written by the whole band, mostly deal with hippie-like themes with a hint of dark humor.

The band started working on their debut album with producer Matias Melleri in 2012. The album will consist of eight eclectic hard rock songs, featuring such titles as "Misty High", "Strawberry Skies" and "Devil's Whip". The southern rock inspired feel good anthem "Misty High" will be released as the first single from the album in late 2013.


Andreas "RockBelt": *Band Score 7.5/10* "The first samples of their music is very good, Rockin' sound with Rock n' Roll and blues Rhythm. Deserve your attention!"
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Post Date 6th November 2013

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