Cesar Sanchez: Bass
Jesus Trujillo: Lead vocals
Andres Duende: Guitar
Javier Planelles: Drums


Rapidly rising new classic hard rock band Eldorado's 'Antigravity Sound Machine' album, released in Europe on November 5th by Bad Reputation, is a simply stunning, groove laden, musical delight. 'Antigravity Sound Machine', was recorded at DNA studios in Toronto with producer Richard Chycki (Aerosmith, Dream Theater, Gotthard, Rush).
Eldorado, a totally organic, talent oozing, fiery four piece outfit who formed in Madrid in 2007, comprise Jesus Trujillo on vocals, keyboard and acoustic guitar, Andres Duende on guitar, Cesar Sanchez on bass and Javi Planelles on drums. Inspired by a mutual love of the raw sound and energy of such 70's classic rock legends as Bad Company, Deep Purple and Led Zeppelin, Eldorado began writing their own, glorious, catchy compositions, all topped with outstanding singer Jesus' killer, gravel tinged, expressive vocals.
An intensely ambitious group, Eldorado sent their demos out to select major name producers around the world and immediately won over Richard Chycki, who admired the raw, authentic energy of the band. Realizing their potential, he agreed to work
with them on their debut, (Spanish language only) album, 'En Busca De Eldorado', released in May 2008. Encouraged by rave reviews Chycki then agreed to produce Eldorado's second album, 'Golden', this time singing in English. 'Golden' made even bigger waves on the hard rock scene in Spain and set off major ripples in Australia, Canada and the USA, where 'Golden' was voted Best Hard Rock / Metal Album 2009 (by the public) at the USA Independent Music Awards. Witness to Eldorado's burgeoning profile and fan base in America is their recently completed 14 date (including 2 festivals) US summer tour. Eldorado's 2010 single, 'The House Of The 7 Smokestacks', was a finalist in the Australian MusicOz Awards, while another song, 'Atlantico' was a finalist in the International Songwriting Composition (ISC) Rock Composition category. Eldorado were also invited to play at the Canadian Music Week Festival,
where they went down a veritable storm. Once they had written the bare bones of what was to become 'Antigravity Sound Machine', Eldorado had to wait six months while Chycki worked on Rush's 2011 live DVD and then their 'Clockwork Angels' studio album. This gave them plenty of time to launch a crowd funded scheme, which soon exceeded its initial target of 3000 Euros, eventually raising well over 9000 Euros, a massive amount for Spain.

After touring with the likes of Alter Bridge and Thin Lizzy around the country, many thousands of fans who were converted by the band’s explosive live performances contributed funds, proudly demonstrating their belief in, and support of, Eldorado. Having honed the new songs down extensively playing them live, the band couldn’t wait to get in to the studio with Richard in March 2012 to record ‘Antigravity Sound Machine’, a sublime, consummate collection of timeless hard rock songs. The presentation tour in Spain, 23 dates along all the territory is "Recommended Tour" by Radio3, the National Public Radio in Spain (equivalent to BBC in the Uk). The presentation tour in Europe was in March and April 2013, 13 dates in the Uk, France, Germany, Switzerland and The Netherlands. Eldorado tours now in a regular way in continental Europe with 3 weeks planned in August / September 2013 in the UK, France, Germany and the Netherlands. "Antigravity Sound Machine" was awarded with the Best Hard Rock / Metal Album award in the Spanish Independent Music Awards, the most acclaimed music awards in Spain.


Snaki: *Band Score 9.0/10* "The truth is, I personally really like the Spanish Rock Scene, such as 91 Suite, Hardreams, etc...But these guys are true Hard Rock Diamonds! You definitely must search for them and listen for yourselves, to know what I mean! They are born to rock! I really dig these guys’ music!"
BeRock Radio Minizine (2013)
Post Date 23rd June 2013

En Busca De Eldorado
Paranormal Radio
Antigravity Sound Machine
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Release Year: 2012
Band's Website: www.eldoradorockband.com
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