Chazza B Bennett: Lead vocals
Mykki Felyxx: Guitar ,B. vocals
Danni Oakheart: Guitar,B.vocals
Zakky Redlöxx: Bass,B.vocals
Billy KiDD: Drums,B.vocals


Beggarz Fixx are a hard rock/glam metal band from Brighton, England, blending the trademark sounds of
their 80's idols such as Motley Crue, Guns 'n' Roses and Skid Row - big hooks, catchy choruses and wailing
guitar solos - with a 21st century metal edge. Since forming in October 2011, they have already established
a good following around Brighton and are starting to break into the London scene, winning over crowds with
their high energy performances at venues such as O2 Academy Islington, Nambucca, the Camden Underworld and
229 The Venue. Most recently the band were selected to play at Highway to Hell 4 in Glasgow, one of just
18 bands chosen out of 800 applicants. Their debut EP is expected for release on CD and online by the
end of 2013.


George "Snaki" Lane: *Band Score 8.5/10* "I like to watch young people gain ground in the music scene! These guys, judging from the first samples, seem to have everything! Youth, scenic presence ,talent and a rocking attitude! What more would you need? I really dig these guys!"
BeRock Radio Minizine (2013)
Post Date 27th October 2013

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